Wednesday, 10 August 2011

Must 'get on'

The dogs all waiting for their treat. Lucy in the background on her way!
I'm saying this to myself alot these days;  "must get on".  Have been shopping quite alot, I think I have found my wedding dress, albeit not traditional wedding attire but something floating and lovely.  As I wrote in my last post, I'm not a shopping kinda gal.  I would rather be found scanning the bookshelves or in an art shop, fabric shop - hell, I'd even say shopping in Ikea.

This past month has been busy.  I have been external statement marking for Liverpool John Moores University which has been a tight turnaround considering everything else happening.  We are near to finishing the Healing Room in our home and it's looking fresh, clean, spacious and peaceful and that's even before setting up the space.  Last year my friend Amanda who's a feng shui practitioner came over to assess the house and this healing room space is located in the heart zone of the home.  At that time and for the past year, it has been very cluttered, stuffed, overflowing and a bit of a dumping ground.  I used to walked past it, feeling dread every time I went in there.  Not good.

Since clearing it out - it's becoming a pleasure to look in - there's an openness and stillness about the place.   The deadline is 1st September for my practice to be located in this room, that's my reiki healing, and creative coaching practice.  I have a list to get on with but I feel like I'm getting somewhere.
Must get on.

Thanks go to my other half who has meticulously painted his little socks off in there and put his energy in to creating the space for me.

At the same time I have been painting - quite large painting actually and it's going a little bit weirdy.  I had moved away from my initial style of painting since going on retreat to Portugal - the delicate cocoon figures in mixed media took a bit of a back seat and I realised that this is where my heart lies so I did an about-turn and have just finished another one.  I realised I was trying to paint like other people instead of following my own heart.  I return to my own challenge which is to create a set of paintings for my oracle cards - I'm going to be painting 44 and then I will meditate and channel their meaning.  Already have 8.

Lucy is back to her normal self - although a slight head tilt, she looks inquisitive.   She jumped on the couch yesterday and this morning which is a wonderful sign.  She's a dolly through and through.

Will post my photos later.

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