Monday, 28 March 2011

The Magic Faraway Tree

Sometimes I wish I could go down to the Enchanted Wood at the end of my garden, climb up the magic faraway tree and spend some time hanging out with Moon Face, Silky and Mr Saucepanman.  I'd be able to visit the land at the top of the tree and I'd be one lucky lady as it would always be a land that was positive, peaceful, joyful and heart warming. 

i have recently started re-reading my three Enid Blyton books which I have treasured.  I'm now reading the  above book which is number 2. (I know that because even as a young Jules, when I used to keep my own library, I wrote the order down in each of them - which came in handy as I couldn't remember!)  They're printed around 1971-72 and I love these stories.   I think that it was the escapism, magic and wonder of the world at the bottom of the garden, the connection with nature and the relationship with animals.  Sounds like me.  Not everyone thinks Enid Blyton was the best writer in the world, and I'm not here to critique her words.  I just say blah blah blah, she's fab!  If you feel a little out of sorts, or down, go and read something you used to read as a child that has warm connotations for you. You'll know when you read this right now what book you're thinking of.  Is it Pollyanna?  Emil and the Detectives?  Mrs Frisby and the rats of NIMH? Treasure Island? The Secret Seven.  I could go on.

The reason why I'm reflecting this evening is because there's so much going round in my mind about creating the life that I want, doing what I love, that I find I become overwhelmed with it all.  Constant dialogue and discussion with just myself.   My creative community is online and virtual. I need a creative buddy because all I manifest comes from within - which I know is a good thing - but still, I do need sparks.  

I have my book being published in late April, early May.  A book which is a workbook for creative expression and a manual to help people write an expression statement for their university application.  I have worked as a coach for all my life (if I'm truly honest).  I also seek to help, guide, support, bring forth ideas, nurture others potential.  The book emerged whilst I was in France and I'm soon going to hold it in my hands.

So why do I feel overwhelmed?  Well I need to organise the website that supports this book.  I want to create a virtual coaching course which individuals can download so this supports them to write their statement.  I can't decide to go with a blog which would be more alive than a static website.   All these ridiculous questions flying round my mind.  

All I really need *want* to do is spend time in the Enchanted Wood - I'm sure, there, I will find answers.

So, can I?  

Today whilst walking Miss Lucy in the park, I stood and watched these tiny little birds having some kind of argument. (Sorry not sure what they were but very small) Well, that's what I thought they were doing.  It looked like one was chasing the other and boy, were they chirping at one another.  I just stood beneath them, amongst the trees, watching, seeing how quick they moved and how vocal they were. It could have been a game, i wasn't going to presume. For just this moment, I just let myself be with them and listen to them, without pondering on all the chat that goes on in my brain.  

I'm hoping that I'll discover the answers.

Now go, go dig out that book you used to love to read.  If you haven't got it, go find it.

Warm sunny March love 
Jules xx

Wednesday, 23 March 2011

Postcard Received from USA

Well here it is!  I received this from BFree from Grass Valley California in the good old US of A.  It came through the post just like this (without any over packaging) and it really created a breath of fresh air.  I bet Mr Postie was pleased too.  You can check out BFree's blog at

I have really loved doing Beth Nicholls Great Big Stitched Postcard Swap and was really chuffed to have sent mine to USA too, you can see mine here.

It feels like things are all coming together these past couple of weeks with Jules Dolly Art.  Since putting out there my Create your OWN Cocoon Canvas Workshop on 8th May in Liverpool I'm pleased to say that I have only 4 spaces left! Wow, that's so great.  I'm very excited.  If you'd like to pass on this information to anyone in the Liverpool area on Sunday 8th May, then here's all the information

I have also been asked if I would be interested going to Israel to run some workshops there.  This I'm contemplating and working out if it's viable but there's a part of me that's dancing a jig when I think about that.  Just got think about the formalities of it!  

Haven't posted for a while, it has been too long.  I have not spent as much time in front of my mac - I know for those that know me, this sounds too ridiculous but it's true.    Will be back soon over the weekend - I have a weekend off!! Yay!!  

Tuesday, 8 March 2011

The Great Big Stitched Postcard Swap

The Love Fairy
So I haven't written a blogpost for over a week and I wondered why.  Then I realised I had set myself the challenge of no TV 2 week challenge.  Here's the thing.  I haven't achieved everything on my list but I am part way to organising space and I have just been painting quite alot.  Not having TV in my life and listening to classic fm has made a subtle shift and created Space in my Soul.  I am writing about this alot these past few weeks. 

So.  I am taking part in the Great Big Stitched Postcard Swap which is being organised by Beth Nicholls from Do What you Love for Life (she's organising the fab retreat in May in Yorkshire).  The idea behind the postcard swap is to create a postcard, on the theme of LOVE and it has to contain some kind of 'stitching'.

So I have worked on my Love Fairy.  She was asking to be made so that's what I did.  Using Matt photo paper which has a durability to it, I created my background and added the Love Fairy. I used a variety of mediums, acrylic, tulips, glitter, and I have recently purchased Faber Castell Big Brush Skin Tone pens which are just divine. 

Reverse side
So the next step is I sent this off to my recipient in USA and I will be waiting to receive a stitched postcard from whomever has been given my details. We then all write a blog about the one we have got and post photos on a special Flickr album.

It's all quite exciting and something I have never done before.  A great way of meeting people and getting to know this global creative spirited community.  

On another note, I have been to see a lovely venue today in Liverpool to organise my own workshop.  A day where you can learn how to create your own canvas, jules dolly stylee and release the creative soul within.   Details to be revealed when I finalise them but watch this space.  

And so to finish off the commissions I have going on and to paint more for selling, prints and greeting cards.  *Jules does a jig* 

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