Wednesday, 22 September 2010

Three Cheers - Manuscript has been posted!!!!

I have had a really great morning.  The sun is shining and what a great day to post my manuscript to the publishers. 

After a lovely walk in the park with Lucy, I went first to the print shop. Here I had 2 copies printed.  Then on to the post office, there's normally never any car parking space near by - but today - it was going well and I parked pretty much outside.  Buying a padded bag, there were no customers, quite unusual for this post office, it's usually 'heaving'.  The process of putting the manuscript in the padded envelope, writing the address and sticking it all down when there's no table to do this on - quite a challenge!  

Yet, still no customers.   

I let one gentleman through before me as I wrote the address and then it was my turn.

On the scales - paid for - special delivery.  All quite calm, peaceful and exciting.

I turned round and there was a queue of about 8 people which had just built up as I happily skipped away.  (Well not quite skipping - but I was chuffed!)

So it's gone.  The next phase begins when the publishers receive it. 

Yay to me!!  Well done Julia!

Tuesday, 21 September 2010

Nearly there

Gosh it has been quite a while since I blogged.  Note to self - I must blog more often.
I have been focusing on finishing the editing of my transcript to send off to the publishers and interweave this amongst all the other commitments I have, it has been a full on few weeks.  

I think *gulp, that I can send it off in the next couple of days.  Every time i read through my words, I find more editing takes place - this can only be a good thing right?  

I have to print out a full copy and also send an electronic version - so I thought it best to take it to a photocopy shop - usb in hand - and get them to print off two copies - one for the publishers and one for me.  It's best doing it this way, me thinks, rather than phaffing about with printer cartridges, being on guard near the printer - 190 pages x 2.   

it has taken 6 months for this process - from beginning of April, started in France, to the end of September completed in Liverpool.   Of course this is where it actually begins.

Jules xx

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