Monday, 23 January 2012

Finished Knitting My Handies

Well I have now finished my first pair of handies.  It wasn't without practice.  I did actually have to unpick, then start again a few times.  I cast on 36 stitches and really thoroughly enjoyed the whole process.  I have discovered a whole new way of meditating, plus I just adore taking my knitting with me if I know I have to go somewhere and wait, or "just in case" I may have some time spare.   It's so relaxing and very therapeutic.  For a chatterbox monkey brain like mine, (happening internally of course, you'd never think I was a chatterbox to meet me, or would you?) it is very calming as I'm concentrating on not dropping any blinkin' stitches.  

I taught myself how to cast on and off via You Tube, particularly loved Knitting tips with Judy 
My mum helped too but I actually have my mother-in-law staying and she's been knitting for 58 years and so it's wonderful to have her on hand (sorry, cue pun).  Her name is Judy as well (how mad is that?)

I love turquoise and these just sing to me and so lovely when I'm writing.  I have now started on a pair for hubby (black mix, he didn't fancy turquoise) and he's going to wear them under his gloves when he's on his scooter - it's sooooo chilly here at the mo. 

A bit thank you to Henny Designs who inspired me, whilst I read her blog post about knitting. Love her stuff.

Much Love
Jules xxx

Sunday, 15 January 2012

Creating a Clearing

There has been something brewing.  Inside.  I couldn't place it, but it felt uncomfortable.  Wasn't sure what it was.  Then it suddenly made an appearance.  I had become, suddenly, overwhelmed by all things technological.  

Now this is slightly odd for me as I'm a tecky kind of girl.  I love my mac and internet, email, blog hopping and all the delights to be found.  But of late, I have found that it's interfering with my own process and progress. 

I have a deadline to write my second book and I also have other projects that are cooking.  I just couldn't seem to function because I have been spending time looking at what everyone else is doing.   I don't mean that I have been googling and goggling and wasting time, I just mean it is not directed nor focused really.

I meditated on this and realised that when I was in France, writing the first book, I had no distractions.  

I had just discovered one artist whom I loved, Suzi Blu, she inspired me.  I stuck with her.  I didn't really look at other people's work, or joined groups, etc... I took the time to develop my Craft. 

Painted, Wrote, Painted, Wrote, Painted, Wrote, Dreamed, Painted, Wrote, Painted, Wrote, Dreamed.


Before you knew it, I had a plan, I had connected with myself, with nature, with the written word and my dreams.  I had connected with Jules DollyWitch Craft

Then on returning and making a life back in Liverpool and being with Mr Hubs, I got caught up in everything else, taking part in e-courses, back to back, having an online community of friends who I hasten to add, have never met.  This was all good.  However it has been brewing, stewing and now it has to take a back seat while I get back to what it was I was doing.

Internet saps energy unless it is focused.  For me, it's no good use of my time.

I want and need to connect with nature, I need to get outside, I want to connect with my community, the physical in-person one. 

And oh, I realised only the other day that I have NO Marketing Plan, WHATSOEVER, Nothing, Nada. How do I market myself, how do I promote myself.  Mm... good question.

No plan.

So this has to change and I am now seeking out someone whom I can work with to support this plan.  

I am clearing a clearing.

Thank you for reading, much love
Jules xxx

Monday, 9 January 2012

Writing and Meditation

I have a deadline to write my 2nd book by the 31st March.  That's quite a tall order - one that I hasten to add, I set myself to the publisher.  With everything else I'm doing during my week I have started to be reeeeeeallllly strict.  So I have set myself some rules: (lets call them guides, being gentle with myself)

  • Get up early and write for at least 2 hours while the world sleeps.
  • Walk Lucy as a lovely break before I get back into it again.
  • No Answering le Phone (landline/or moby): that means, putting phone on silent, turning off vibrate and turning it upside down (or better still leaving it in another room).  
  • No sneaking a peak at Facebook unless I'm on a break.
  • Turn off email so I don't see it arrive.
  • Drink cups of tea at allotted Tea point. 
  • Drink Water (still or sparkling - whatever le mood takes)
  • Have Jan de Vries Concentration Essence often: works beautifully to get me in to writing focused mode (or anything that I need to do, for that matter).
  • Play my lovely Baroque music -to get my brain into a lovely yummy place.
  • Have Snacks as long as it's not chocolate brought in by hubby (whoops); aiming for apples, bananas and other healthy things.
  • Break up writing with Goddess Leonie's meditations: if you haven't tried her meditations and you're a Goddess (well we are, aren't we?) then I would skip along to her portal GoddessGuideBook - it's AWASH with wonderful resources and a community, which I haven't dipped my toe into yet, but do intend to.  You can just buy the meds, but if you want the whole shebang, you can join the circle for $99 for the year.  There's so many inspiring courses, kits, ebooks and inspiration there.  Her meditations help me heaps at the moment.   I have a flaxseed eye pillow which I wrap around my eyes and I go off on a journee with her soothing Australian lilting accent.  I do one of these in between any writing I am doing.  

I just Choose and Go.  Check her out

I have two other projects which I'm working on:-
1 with Hubby
2 with me and chez Art.

Hope Monday's being a lovely Monday today
Much Love

PS I will phone you back when I can if you phone me! Hope you understand though.
My Muse (she's the one who reminds me to take a break)

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