Tuesday, 29 June 2010

79 days to complete my manuscript

From 1st July I have 79 days to complete my manuscript to send to publishers, well that the exact number of days but in reality it's less than this.   I have the bulk of it already written and the formula is in place, however now to add to it and fulfil the next 10,000 words.  So I think i can safely say that we're looking at at least 62 days, which gives me the month of July and the month of August, then by September, I can continue to edit and then post it all off, hardcopy and word format.  

It's really exciting to be moving into the final stage of writing - things feel like they're coming together.  A few more components to fit into place and then I can carry on writing.  Am I the new Carrie Bradshaw,  well the subject matter is different!  (I'm only writing that as I saw SITC2 a few weeks ago!)

I had a good look in www.thestudentroom.co.uk and really love it.  


Monday, 28 June 2010

French handbag

It has been a a good couple of weeks since I wrote here.  I got locked out of my google account as someone had tried to get in and so google froze it, so then when I reset my new password, I then forgot it.  D'oh!  All back on track now - and ready for regular posts.  
I'm feeling a little like the france experience is drifting and I am doing my upmost to hang on to it and keep the creativity alive.  All things considered from readjusting, I think I'm doing pretty well, I have to remind myself.  Hence, the photo of my french bag here.  I bought this to contain all my sketching stuff, prismacolour pencils, rulers, scissors, cellotape, pens for writing, it's a lovely size and just like a small handbag.  I'm posting it here so as to remind me of just who I discovered. x~x~x

Saturday, 12 June 2010

TArget REached - Yay!

As you know the challenge I set myself was to write my handbook for writing personal statements in the time I was in France - I had collected so many notes over the years and the idea had formulated and stewed for a great while, but I did it.  On the Friday before I set off back home to the UK, I sent off a submission proposal to a publisher and the other day I heard that they liked it.  They can see it will compete favourably with other titles in the personal statement range.  I'm chuffed.  More so about the fact that I set myself the challenge and I achieved.   At the outset I was going to self publish, so didn't put any expectations on myself - it was only at the latter stage that I began to ponder "I wonder if this would be of interest to publishers?" That's when I dug out my Writers and Artists Year Book 2010 and found them.  It's still early days and more to add to so keeping fingers crossed all things will work ok.  I have focus groups this coming week which I'm going to do with two schools, hoping to get a third, then I can glean some real life case studies and questions that they want answered in the book.  Exciting times.  Just need a sexy title now : )

Now to the next idea of writing my healing book about ME. (by M.E. I mean, myalgic encephalomyelitis or chronic fatigue syndrome which I had in my 20s) .... that's been brewing for 20 years!!

Now the world cup has begun, I'm going to spend time art-ing and musing - got my latest one to finish and I found some lovely napkins yesterday in netto to collage on a layer.  I got the idea from France as they're really into using napkins as paper.  £1 from netto not bad heh!?!?  

Note to self:  Write in blog more often as it's self directed check ins that I need!!!

Have a beautiful day - it's gorgeous here ...bisous xx

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