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My Soul Portrait

I'm an Artist, Healer and Writer.   

I have been creating art for as long as I can remember.  It first started with colouring in books and writing little short stories, illustrating them with my box of felts.  I progressed to making jewellery to help me heal and journalling constantly.  I would find something to do at every stage of my life, making clothes, nappy stackers for my sister's new babies (over 23 years ago now!), stuffed toys for my nieces and cute dresses for them too.  I then forgot about my art.  I still journalled and sketched but nothing produced.  Nearly 4 years ago I was made redundant and it shook me.  We had an opportunity to go and live in rural France - and voila, we were off.  

It was in France, I rediscovered my art self.  I had no supplies with me, yet an ex pat I had met introduced me to this wonderful woman who was selling her art/craft stash as she wanted to buy a motorbike.  Soon, I was surrounded by colour, paper, beads and paintbrushes.  

I had found myself again.

I then began to create on plywood and canvas and that was around 2010. 

It has been a journey and I am learning all the time. 

Creating Soul Portraits of women throughout the world ignited my creative heart beat. I adore working with you and capturing your inner essence.  I'd love to produce a Soul Portrait for you.  To find out how you can find out more here  

The official bit:- With a degree in Health and qualified as a person-centred Counsellor, I have worked in the education and therapeutic fields for the past 17 years; a Lecturer in Further and Higher Education in Health and also within student welfare.  In the interim years, I ran my own private therapy practice as well as working at Liverpool Health Promotion Service, Liverpool John Moores University and University of Liverpool.   I have been involved in healing since 2002 when I first attuned to Reiki, however when I look back, I know that I have been a healer all my life.   I love Reiki, especially with animals.  If you'd like to read my fun bio, then visit me here.

Please do contact me if you have any questions or would just like a chat julesdolly@mail.com  

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