Wednesday, 26 October 2011

Memories of New Mexico

Today, I am remembering my time in New Mexico.  Back in 2004,  I decided to take a huge leap and attend the 6th International Conference on Science and Consciousness in Albuquerque.  

Phew, I need to breathe just reading that!

It was a real journey for me.  The first time I had travelled to the States before, the first time travelling all that way on my own, deciding to spend 3 weeks there, I hired a car, travelled to Santa Fe and Taos. The creative hub of NM.

So many firsts.  It was an almost like I needed to go there.  And go there I did.  
Me and Monika (shaky phone photo)

Why am I thinking this today?  Well I remember sitting under a tree with my new friend Monika.  We had met on the first day of the conference and connected.  Ending up spending about 5 more days together afterwards in a little guest house in Corrales with Myles her husband and Nick Day, Director and Producer extraordinaire of Short Cut to Nirvana.

Monika and I spent days talking about 'reality' and even thought up every chapter of our book that we would write together.  'The Reality Busters. It was a magical time.

I remember as we sat on our little bench in the garden, Monika told me about the second verse of the Lords prayer.  One that I had never heard.  Growing up in Jewish home, it wasn't something that I knew very well, but as my interest in cultures, religions and spirituality developed, I was soon taken with this piece of writing.

We all know the beginning of the prayer - we hear it all the time.... but do you know the second verse?

Our Mother which art upon earth
hallowed be thy name
Thy kingdom come
and thy will be done
in us as it is in thee
As thou sendest every day thy angels
send them also to us
Forgive us our sins
as we atone all our sins against thee
And lead us not into sickness
but deliver us from all evil
for thine is the earth
the body, and the health

It is a shame that this second part was not incorporated into general worship.  It really does shows the male and female energies - both playing their part.  I found it last night on my laptop, so this is why it prompted me to think about the whole new mexico adventure. 

This conference was an eye opener for me.  I listened to fantastic speakers, such as Peter Russell, Candace Pert, Judith Orloff,  I met Greg Tamblyn and walked the labyrinth beautifully crafted by Joe Miguez. (sorry can't find any link to him).  I drank Margaritas up mountains and spent afternoons visiting the wonderful art galleries in Santa Fe and Taos. I took numerous photos, wrote incessantly in my journal, sketched and planned my next move.  

This all reminded me of how I just jumped at the chance. I booked my flight, booked the conference and counted it down. 

That's the kinda gal I love to hear about.  I'm wondering where she is?

Visiting Whole Foods

Discovering Miss Julia and her books!

Margaritas for 4 as the sun sets above the Sandia Mountains
(Sandia means watermelon in spanish - love that!)
So this is where the memory ends, or does it begin?

Love Jules xx

Tuesday, 11 October 2011

Hitched in Gibraltar

When me and hubby were planning to get married we knew we wanted it to be early September this year.   We'd been engaged over 3 years, and September was a special month for us.  At first we thought we'd go to Cornwall, where OH is from but we realised that actually we wanted to go somewhere else, somewhere different.

We looked around, searched a fair deal and Gibraltar came up all the time.  He'd been there before, but then there's not alot of places in the world he hasn't been - he's a real traveller - a true Sagittarian.  I was sold on Gibraltar because John and Yoko got married there. That's good enough for this Liverpool girlie.  So we booked a week.  Sorted all the paperwork and documentation out really swiftly and it was just a matter of turning up, attending the Registry office the day before with all the originals and voila.

Here we now move swiftly on to the ceremony which was truly lovely, special and very romantic.  Having both been married before we wanted something different and we got it.  I had a jewish wedding previously and he had a registry office in the UK, so this was different for both of us.   Our Registrar was a very lovely man, he reminded me of one of the three muskateers.
 husband and wife - just
He looked gorgeous and if I so say myself, we scrubbed up well!

We hired a Gibraltar photographer and then spent time feeling like celebrities.  Admiring our wedding rings which have cornish tin in them.  We're so chuffed to have the same rings.

I eventually found my dress in Monsoon - if you read one of my previous posts, I was having a little bit of difficulty trying to find something that would not cost the earth and would really suit a relatively hot day.  I felt that I had found my match, plus it was in the sale, so even better!

All in all, our wedding was lovely, we had a gorgeous honeymoon and I'm delighted to be a Mrs.  Never thought I would say that again, really, never would. What I can say that we all deserve happiness and love and I'm delighted that both me and hubby have found that in each other.  

Despite being together nearly 6 years, we're settled and loving it.
Yours hitched
Jules xxx
I asked the photographer Steven Gross if he'd take a picture of our shoes as they're always neglected in photos aren't they?  He had never had that request before, but I'm really chuffed with the way the photo turned out.

All photographs except the full length one courtesy of Steven Gross Fotoart Ltd Gibraltar

Monday, 3 October 2011

Long time Catchup

It has been such a busy couple of months.  I'm beginning to feel grounded now and carrying on from where I left off.  What with getting married in Gibraltar in September, the end of August and the month of September seems to have just flown by in a whirl.  

Here we are on October 3rd!

There's lots to post on and I'll get round to it over the next few days:

  • The Great Stitched postcard Swap
  • My wedding in Gibraltar
  • Reiki clients in my Reiki Heart Zone treatment room
  • Reiki healing at the Dogs Trust
  • Writing a new book called Healing Me
  • Contemplating writing another book about writing first time CV's
  • Writing & delivering an 8 week course for a group of sixth form girls (17 year olds) called "The Art of DIY"
  • Writing and Planning my online personal statement short course
  • Painting commissions 
  • Creating paintings out of my sketches
There's more but that's enough for now.

The Great Big Stitched Post Card Swap

I received this lovely fabric postcard from Bonnie Jobe in USA and was so delighted to get it.  It's just gorgeous.  She's put alot of time and effort into it and I was really touched by the detail.  

This is a lovely flower on a clip so I can undo it and add it to my Gorjuss bag.  One happy bunny.

The reverse side.  Isn't it just the cutest thing?

Thanks so much Bonnie.  I love it.

I am really late in putting the finishing touches to my postcard but I have been in touch with my recipient and thankfully, she understands and will hopefully get a lovely surprise when she gets it.

That's all for now but I'll be back again soon.
Love and warmth, Jules xxx

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