Wednesday, 28 July 2010

Wake Bless Walk Warmup Begin

I decided to create this mantra for myself to get me writing. Wake, Bless, Walk, Warmup, Begin.  On waking, I then meditate, walk the dog, warmup with morning pages and then begin.  However, it's true what they say about procrastination when you have deadlines - it's amazing what else you can get done.

1. make hair appointments
2. choose daily affirmations (see picture)
3. take pictures of affirmations
4. apply hand and nail treatments every 5 minutes
5. research an ongoing painting
6. spray Jo Malone pomegranate noir
7. make another cup of coffee.
8. choose an angel card for inspiration
9. update new academic diary
10.general day dreaming

So that's the long and short of it.  I have 17,292 words already and only 8,700 ish to go - have gone through all the text and now I'm adding some new themes - thought it would be great to have a section about interviews and this is what the focus groups wanted... 

At the same time I'm doing this, I'm also thinking about the next one.. tho' decided to start writing morning pages today to get my brain flowing and warmed up.  It must have done something. 

Time for lunch - well I was eating breakfast at 7am 

addendum; the doorbell rang, the postman has 4 out of my 6 undergraduate prospectuses for me.... that's good news because I can feel a wave of inspiration.  Well done you universities that sent them PDQ.
Bath spa, lancaster, plymouth and staffs, waiting for nottingham, birmingham & hertfordshire.  I picked randomly, from league tables btw.

Wednesday, 21 July 2010

Writing ~ seriously

When I'm writing, I have to set myself the time and space to do so.  I have often berated myself for not writing in a structured way and I realised only recently that this is OK. That's my way of writing.  

I do need quiet, no interruptions, no texts, no phone calls, no answering the door, just the dog sleeping next to me encouraging me to get into the flow.  

I decamped from my office/studio space to my bed. A place with a view and I realise I need a view!

Armed with mac and reference materials, I went through everything once more.  Every time I re-read my words, I find new ways of expressing sentences and make changes along the way.  What I'm finding is in the editing, I'm actually not adding words but taking them away, which is not the plan as I have to add another 8,000!  But I think it will be ok. I'm feeling confident about it.  This blog helps me as I feel the need to check in with myself, I think I'm the only follower!   Have a happy Wednesday and hope the blue skies are out today. Finally here in Liverpool we have blue skies and the torrential downpour has receded.  Love xx

Wednesday, 14 July 2010

Structure & Timetabling!

I go through phases of writing.  Sometimes I will have a pen in my hand and write in my journal, other times, I'll be typing away on the keyboard.  Now I have to get structured and write, write, write.  One of the dilemmas writers face is not writing.  Not routinely writing.  I sat down yesterday with my other half and we worked out a schedule.  I know I am a great coach with other people, but I have difficulties coaching myself!  That's were significant other comes in.  We organised a timetable for me to stick to.  My deadline is the first of September so I have approximately 6 weeks.  Of course I have taken into account all the other commitments too. 
What I need to do is begin my morning pages as I find these really helpful.  I would write them here in my blog but it tends to be unconscious thoughts and gobbledygook - not for public display.  So I'm going to go walk the dog, recite my positive affirmations and get cracking. Wake Bless Walk Warm-up Begin. I'll check back in later and tell you how I'm doing xx

Saturday, 3 July 2010

L'adventure de Francais

I have been working on this piece which is a symbolic mixed media painting of our l'experience de franรงais.  There's so much in there, papers that I bought from the brocante, the photocopied map of 10 pages of the journey from champagne-le-sec to calais, plus some lovely french words and music. I'm particularly loving how my car looks. She's called muriel because she's a citroen C3 pluriel.  I'm loving that.  I never profess to being good at drawing people exactly how they look, so apologies other half for looking a little like liam gallagher.  You look much more handsome in real life!!! 

I'm now contemplating my next piece so I'll carry on sketching and see what presents heh? 

Lovely little D in the front of the frame, in her usual pose of begging - you just don't know when there's come fresh fruit and veg available from the allotment to graze upon, she's always prepared.

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