Wednesday, 2 May 2012

Wisdom Cards A-Go-Go

I have been working on my 1st Wisdom Card - in case you're reading this and going 

"Ugh?  What's she on about?"  

I'm creating my own set of 44 Wisdom Oracle Cards and you can read lots about it here.  

These past few months, I have been compiling a list of memorable times, people, places, animals; some current, some folks alive, some passed over, people I know and those I have admired and loved from afar. 

I have been focusing on the first canvas the last week, and at the same time, when I turn my attention to it, I'm guided by messages, thoughts, feelings and I'm writing them down as I go.  This way, when I come to write the Wisdom Guide Book, which will accompany the cards, it will all be sourced from 'in the moment' and you'll really 'get' what that card actually means.  

I started the writing just before and found myself channelled to write things and I'm not even thinking too much about it - it's just all coming out from somewhere.  

I'm not 100% sure just yet whether I'll show the cards before I have completed them all and whether to sell prints of them.  I wonder what you think?  Do you think it's best to wait till I have done all 44?  Or would you like to see them as I complete, one at a time?  Perhaps you'd like to read a little of the wisdom? Mmmm, I'm thinking on this one.  

I'd be really interested to hear your thoughts on this.  

Suffice to say, I couldn't resist a sneak preview.  (excuse the photo, taken with iPhone). This first card features 2 women, and I'm tres proud to say that the collage paper I used for the dress on the left hand side lady, is my own.  

Since buying Traci Bautista's book Journal Unleashed and watching her vids on you tube, I am now transferring left over paint on to random pieces of paper - by the end of it, I am a) not wasting paint b) creating new lovely paper.   I then photocopy certain portions of the paper and rip, knowing I still have the mistress copy.

This is good news.    I use quite alot of papers in my paintings, so it's GORGEOUS to be using some of my own.

Please let me know what you think, I would really appreciate your thoughts.

Much Love

Jules xxx

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