Saturday, 31 December 2011

Welcoming the New

Where did December go?  I realised I have taken a step away from blogging this past month.  It wasn't intentional but I am really glad for the space.  More so these past 2 weeks have seen Jules doing alot of reflecting and looking back on the year.  Having a book published in April, developing my first Jules Dolly workshop in May, going to Portugal to do Flora Bowleys' Bloom True workshop, which taught me such a different way to paint (you can read about it here, if you fancy). I got married in Gibraltar and that was such a highlight for me. (Go here if you'd like to nose in)  I tallied up that I have done 12 commissions this year, which is one a month - that ain't bad and I'm pretty chuffed. 

Lucy wasn't well in June, but thank goddess, she's doing really fine and taking all her herbal medication. 

Next year is in the planning.  I have been writing my course and will hopefully reveal this soon, it's something I'm collaborating with hubby.  Exciting.

I have 10 weeks to write my 2nd book 'Creating your First Ever CV in seven easy steps', that is going to mean the next few months of strict structure, which is good for me.  

Here are some of the highlights for me this year:-

We're now a scooter family!
Just received my book in the post from the publishers
My first Jules Dolly Art Workshop in May 

The 2nd Canvas 'depth' from Bloom True with Flora Bowley

The 1st Canvas 'thought bubbles'


Getting thee wed in Gib

Honeymooning in Gib

Connect the Dots, my biggest canvas yet - 3ft x 2 ft

Me and My Maid of Honour

Will, me and stepdaughter Janelle

A gift to a friend and her hubby to commemorate their wedding day
The Lovely Lucelee

Continuing with my oracle project 

Recreating my art'heart space.
Learning to Knit!
Anyone want to see what I knit!?!?

And so now to say cheerio to 2011 - you were good, there were ups and downs but I'm growing and learning all the time and finding my 'soulful way' all the time.  Can't ask for much more.

Hello 2012.

It's good to see you.

Much love
Jules xxxx

Thursday, 1 December 2011

"A Year of Wishes: by Lori Portka and Lisa Sarick and My Wish

A Year of Wishes by Lori Portka and Lisa Sarick
I stumbled across Lori Portka's Etsy shop about a year ago now, her work is just so inspiring and is the foundation to her Hundred Thank You's project.  It's where she "dives deeply into gratitude".  A hundred paintings, a hundred people, a hundred days.  You can read more about it here.

So when I saw that she had joined with Lisa Sarick to create the 2012 Year of Wishes Calendar, I was pretty taken in.

I visited Lori's site just the other day and they are giving away 5 calendars.  To be considered we just had to leave a comment with A Wish We Wished for Ourself.  I got very carried away and didn't read it properly.  I launched in to my wish for 2012.  The deepest wish that really resonates with me.

I didn't post this wish for the competition because I thought it was not 'for myself'.  I decided to post the wish here - my place for all things.

I wrote this 2 days ago and then there's a whole debate today in the news 'should animals be stunned before slaughter' and the moment for this Wish is even more pertinent.  It was difficult, really difficult for me to read this article as I totally feel the pain of these animals.

Anyway, here's my Wish.

If I really had to choose a wish right now, it would be that human beings started treating all sentient soul animals, of the earth, sea and air,  with love, care and respect.  This is not an airy fairy wish because I think someone will like it. This is a deeply held passionate wish.

My wish is that we don't differentiate between the love of a dog and the dis-love of a cow.
That the husbandry and treatment of a pig is different to that of a cat.  That we look after our guinea pigs but cut down the habitat for our wild birds and animals.

I wish that all human beings realise that the way we treat our animals is a pure reflection on how we treat each other.  If we just took the time to see that even though we don't speak their language, they are consequently inferior and therefore we can dominate them.

I wish that human beings make a shift and act in a way so that they treat all our lovely animals, farm animals, pets animals, wild animals, as if they were a member of their own big family.

I wish this wish so much because I feel it is the foundation for love and respect for our own human evolution.

This wish is coming from my heart, I get so very upset when I see and hear about the sheer disrespect for our sentient planetsharers.

It was good for me to write down my wish for myself, now hopefully, my wish is out there. 

Blessed travels, little wish.

Much Love
Jules xx

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