Monday, 4 July 2011

Dibbling and Dabbling at my Painting

When I came back from Portugal after Flora Bowley's class I started another fairly big canvas.. (here's my paintings from this workshop). I dibbled and dabbled with different styles of putting on the paint - styles that Flora really encouraged us to use, to step out of our comfort zone and "get our paint on".   It has been about 5 weeks since I returned and every day (pretty much) I dabble with this painting.  It has transformed in front of me.  What once looked like a Koala bear, sometimes a Rabbit, has now, I believe, become a silhouette of a lady.  It's not quite there yet.  But as I dabble every night at my easel, which is in my bedroom looking out onto our garden, it tempts me to paint, even for just 20 minutes, to add another layer, to see a different take on it.  

Here's the process: 

I have perhaps missed a few photos of the process but you get the gist don't you?

I'm really loving her.

Here's my latest canvas in Jules Dolly Healing Stylee.

She's called: "It's all OK".

Happy Monday
Jules xx


  1. It is amazing how a canvas can morph this way! I love the pinks and blues, all very restful colours.
    The latest Jules Dolly canvas is beautiful - the placement of the love hearts is wonderful and what a lovely expression she is wearing! x

  2. It is great how it changes so much... another layer, another layer and you have a different painting. Thank you so much about my new canvas - I really love her... she's going for sale soon! (gosh that sounds harsh) Hope you're ok x

  3. lovely to see your process! keep dabbling

  4. Thanks so much GSD! Hope all is good with you : )

  5. Hi julia just looked at your lastest painting, it's really pretty, love seeing your progress x

  6. Thanks so much Tracey! That's so lovely to read x

  7. Your pictures are all so different but still so pretty


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