Sunday, 5 February 2012

Looking at things differently

Do any of you remember the table I transformed last year? 
Never did get round to completing the legs! 

We've had a change around over here in our place, we bought two new sofas, arrived Friday and boy are they comfy.  This is the first time we have bought big furniture items - together -  that are new for the both of us.  We have said our goodbyes to our sofas from a previous life which we brought with us (that was tough actually but they've gone to a good home hopefully) and it's so nice to have sofas that are matching!

Anyway, enough about sofas.

I wanted to show you that sometimes you have to take things apart and then view it differently.

So I removed the legs from this table as it didn't fit into the scheme of things.  It was most definitely going to be used as a table somewhere else.  Just for now, it needed to be dismantled.

And in the dismantling process.... I saw another opportunity.

Lo and Behold a lovely piece of wall art.
Gave me ideas for doing more things like this. 
Spot the cute dog - she's always in the frame!

Happy Sunday and Monday, Tuesday etc...

If you would like to read about my new 44 Oracle Card Project then have a look at my post here  You may see that I have created a new banner for this blog as well as my Jules Dolly website and I'm working on bringing all the work that I do together and updating all my Julia Dolowicz website as well.  

Would love to know what you think?

Much Love


  1. I do remember the table - and now its wall art! -very creative Julia - looks good! I'm pleased you are enjoying matching sofas too x

  2. That is absolutely GORGEOUS and STUNNING Julia! Little doggy makes me laugh! x

  3. Thanks guys... It just showed me that sometimes I have to turn things around and look at it from a different perspective! Sofas are so cosy... xx


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