Wednesday, 21 March 2012

A Jules Dolly mini mini workshop

Haven't blogged for a good while - I am immersed in the words of my book and going through everything to see if there's anything I have forgotten.  I have only one week to go, I plan to send it all off on Friday 30 March - well......that's the plan.

In the meantime, I had a small wee workshop that I was delivering for Liverpool Limmud.  It's a Jewish learning conference that happens in Liverpool every 2 years, all denominations are most welcome and it is a jam packed day full of talks, workshops, lectures and food!  They asked if I would be interested to do a Jules Dolly workshop - I only had an hour - so I wondered what could I do that could be linked to a Jewish theme.  I decided to create a new design and teach everyone how to make a decoupage greeting card.

I love this process - starting off with the sketch, then the colour, then the paint, then the finishing touches to the design.  Moving straight to copier and reducing the image - Voila - we have a design for an A5 card.

It was fun. I introduced them to my 6 step guide Cut Glue Stick Build Embellish Varnish.  Can be done with wrapping paper but obviously it's more fun to do it using your own design!

From Sketch to Colour to Mixed Media

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  1. Love this greeting card Julia, feels really authentic. Nice to see you blogging again :)xx

  2. You're always so supportive thank you so much xx


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