Saturday, 30 April 2011

Painting Transformation

As I was sitting on  my hammock enjoying the sun over the last few weeks I saw our very sad, chair, hanging around in the corner.  I bought this patio furniture set in Woolworths 5 years ago when moving in.  The table has been donated to Will's allotment along with the other 2 chairs, keeping 2 here for us.

But oh dear, they look sad and not very inviting.   In a flash moment of colour, I decided I was going to do some painting, only this time - the furniture.  I had some lovely emulsion paint left over and a spare mixing pot, so here I became Miss Mixer and had a base blue and added some white.  I just love the colour I made.
Sad looking thing before

The 2 chairs looking more fun and alive

Miss Lucy always is in frame when I'm taking photos!
I also found a little stool that I had bought from Ikea ages ago and thought it would make a lovely little addition to the chair family.  So I painted the top.  Not too sure at this point whether to keep it all blue.

Then, my friend Lesley popped over for a cuppa and she said "Why don't you paint one of your girls on the top of that little stool?"  You know what?  That's a fab idea.  It didn't take me long to decide who was going on there as I have a little supply of girls for canvases etc...  So I did.

I'm soooooo delighted with the outcome.  It completely enhances our lovely little garden.  The colour blue reminds me of the sea and for some reason I feel all Mamma Mia'ish when I look out there.  They're now sealed with outdoor varnish so they're ready to spend the summer out there.  Love them.

A bouquet of hearts for you x
Lots of Love
Jules xx


  1. Oh so pretty, Jules! I absolutely love the blue and your little princess of hearts is so demure and lovely!

    My hubby and I love doing this kind of thing for our trash to treasure sales...wish you were closer to paint the girls!!!

  2. Thank you soo much!!! I really love it and feel that I"m going to start doing more of it. She's one of my favourites at the moment, such a lovely lady x

  3. Jules, the remake of the chairs and stool is so great and your painting...the little girlie is adorable. What an awesome garden area you guys have...thanks for showing us.

  4. Aww Mandy, thank you so much - it really brightens up the space and makes all the greens look more vibrant. I'm loving it x


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