Tuesday, 3 May 2011

Lamplight Rennovation

The original lampshade
Have you ever looked at something in your house and thought that you could do something to spruce them up?  Well we have 2 lamps and the lampshades are looking somewhat plain.  There and then I decided I was going to renovate.  I really am on a splurge here.  It's all good!

I have lots of small pieces of paper that I use in my mixed media paintings and I wondered how they'd look if I collaged them on to the lampshade.  

So I did!

Of course it helps when the sun is shining and I can sit and stick.

I also had a shirt that I didn't wear anymore but had a lovely pattern on it, so I began cutting it up!  Very cathartic.  Nothing to waste in this house.

Here are the finished pieces.

This is the fabric lampshade
This is the paper leftovers

Lots of Love
Jules xx

Only 4 days to go until my Create your Cocoon Canvas workshop at the National Wildflower Centre


  1. I agree with you, Jules! I have lamps with the same ho-hum shades. I might have to try this! Very cool!

  2. oh and have a great time at your workshop - sounds heavenly!

  3. Definitely give it a go, it was such fun and I'm really pleased how they brighten up the rooms. I'm going to be taking pics of the workshop x

  4. Very clever, the paper lampshade... love it!
    I really enjoy taking an object, and giving it a makeover.
    Making things more "artsy" around my home, keeps me inspired :]

  5. you're so right April... they become so inspiring don't they? Thank you so much... it's fun... I have got my eye on other things to convert : )


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