Sunday, 10 February 2013

Sharing Loran's Soul Portrait

When I began my drawings of the lovely women in Hannah Marcotti's Joy Up Group, I didn't know where this would lead me.  

My heartfelt wish and intention was to continue creating my portrait illustrations and I was still feeling like I needed to reconnect to my self through my art, I was still feeling so lost without Lucy and I just adored taking the photograph they gave me and intuitively responding to it.  

Loran very kindly said I could share the photo she gave me to draw her Soul Portrait and I am so excited to do so. When I saw her picture for the first time, I adored her glasses.  She also sent me an email telling me her love of purple and calla lilies asking if there was any way I could incorporate this into her Soul Portrait.  

Loran wrote to me to tell me how she felt when she saw her Soul Portrait

"I have been on pins and needles waiting for this and it is Wonderful! Thank you sooooo much. Love it!" She then later went on to write to me:-

"What came to mind when I saw my picture was Seth Godin's post on "Ridiculous is the new Remarkable." I think my glasses are silly but they are fun and light-hearted. One of my intentions for this year came from a message I received from the hummingbirds in my yard last summer - Lighten Up. So, when I had my professional photo shoot done in New York in September, I took my pompoms, tiara and glasses with me! I am loving being more playful and when I see my profile picture, that's what I am reminded to be.  My Soul Portrait reminds me to Lighten Up and that captures it all. It feels right". 

* * *
Thank you so much Loran for being the first reveal and for your lovely words.  I am in the process of going live with my Soul Portraits.  I'm stocking up and will be revealing all soon.  
Much love

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