Thursday, 9 June 2011

Cameras are my Friend

When it comes to cameras and taking photos, I tend to point and shoot.   I have had a real yen to learn just some fundamentals about photography and taking pictures of my work.  So it was fantastic to have the opportunity to attend a short workshop run by Dot-Art in Liverpool called Introduction to Photographing your Art.  Elaine Stapleton from Insight Photography was the workshop facilitator and I really liked her presentation style and how she managed to pack quite alot in to a short few hours.  

For me, it answered some really simple questions.  We had some theory which was necessary (and not boring at all).   The basics for photographing your art, where to take pictures, how to "Fill the Frame" (that's my new favourite phrase now), zooming in on the photograph whilst on the camera to see the pixelation (there, another big word - am I a photographer yet?!?).  How to create prints from your work, copyright, ideal paper to use for different finishes and the best printer on the block in Liverpool if you want professional prints done without the hassle of using your own printer.  So much more but you would have gone if you wanted to know, right?

Phew... I'm needing a break. Here are some photos I took during the workshop - items were just on hand that Elaine had brought. I realised that I have a slight tendency to lean and shake ... so I may need to use a tripod when photographing a painting in order to avoid the slight shake rattle and roll that I have.  

I just love this colour purple

In photography, you would avoid the horizontal line of the table, meeting wall, but I kinda like it. 

A little arty but just testing it all out
Elaine even covered a little bit about Photoshop and I hadn't realised just how I need to get to grips with it, for watermarking my prints, organising my own headers for blogs and for manipulating paintings to get to the right colour pallet.  It was a real eyeopener.  I realised I had to organise my files better and make good use of the external hard drive I have and to always have a original set of prints saved.

So I left.

I was buzzing.  

I felt really buoyed up. 

I have never left a workshop in such a bonny and bouncy mood, (apart from Flora's in Portugal! see here

I loved working with my camera.  

I loved working with other people, loved learning about creative arts and meeting new people.  It was just great. This was the first time I had 'come out' of my studiobedroom and into Liverpool.  I feel there will be more of this.  

I came home and started snapping.  Whoever/whatever was around got snapped.  Here's what I took, using some basic things Elaine mentioned.  I have still a looooooong way to travel, but for now, I'm pleased with some basic concepts and I can PLAY with it all!!

Happy smiley blue eyes.

and of course her Majesty has to be in it somewhere (note the guitar in the background, I have started playing again! Yay!
I have also realised something quite big about my Reiki Healing which I'll talk about soon.

In the meantime, love to you
Jules xxx


  1. Lovely Jules! I love the arty lights and old blue eyes - of course, her majesty HAS to be in at least one! :) - i am point and shoot too, but i love it that the camera takes a simple shot of a single moment in time and records it forever... :)

  2. Thanks Paula! Of course her majesty HAS to be in at least ONE. I'm enjoying looking at things differently - just need to invest in Photoshop Elements, that's the next bit of the puzzle. x

  3. Great pictures Julia, they are all so clear and sharp, I am amazed at the results coming out of just a one day workshop! Wish I could find something like that local to me!

    Doesn't Lucy look great?! x

  4. Thanks Swirly... it was great to just get some basics!!!! They are going to be running some more I believe... but possibly a bit far for you - I'll keep you posed.

    Arh Lucy... she's a dolly x

  5. great blog Jules, like the purple glass pic, i also wish there was a course like that round these parts.
    I'm liking blues eyes too x

  6. Was really lucky to get to this course and it has been very helpful... is the company who organise, check them out. x Hope you're ok


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