Sunday, 26 June 2011

Dear Lucy

I can't tell you how my heart feels to see you healing this week.  Day by day, you've shown me that you just want to be better and back to doing the things you can do.  For you it's about what you can do now, not what you can't do.  

So what if you can't sit up and beg anymore, because you fall over.

So what if you can't jump on your favourite chair and shloff on the top of it.

So what if you can't jump in the car by yourself.

These are all 'just things' ... the most important things are feeling ok and waking up, eating a lovely breakfast, taking a walk outside to greet the day, smell the flowers and walk on grass.  This is what you teach me every day.  To be grateful to do these things.

To stand by as the raspberries are being picked, so you can have some too.  

We visited a new holistic vet this week and we liked him.  He put his hand on your head to calm you as he listened to your heart and he said that we don't talk negative in his consulting room, we look at what can be done and what's good.  

We liked him.

I know you're enjoying the reiki healing that I'm giving you so I will continue to do this for you. 

My friend said something to me on the phone just now - a lesson she learnt from a vet-gone-by- When she was tearful about the sadness of her furry friend's health, he said... This isn't about you right now, it's about your pet... we must make sure that they feel a sense of strength from you as they look up to you as their guide.  

That's what I'm hopefully doing for Lucy. 

My Lucy


  1. good news about Lucy - enjoy your lives together! What a sweetheart!

    (Darn computer won't let me respond except by Anon.)


  2. I have only just seen your comment today Bonnie - how awful you must have thought that I didn't respond then.

    Thankfully Lucy is doing really well and still the love in my life (apart from new hubby)


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