Monday, 6 June 2011

Miss Julia goes on a short course

Yay! I'm going on another course this week, it's called Introduction to Photographing your Art which is being run by Dot-Art in Liverpool. The event is being sponsored by Liverpool Vision and the tutor is a photographer called Elaine Stapleton from Insight Photography   I have never been on anything like this but I am really yearning for some tuition about taking great pictures of my paintings.. (and using my new Nokia SLR camera!). I'm still hesitating when it comes to stocking my Etsy shop and want to take the right photos and create the right branding. I have read just so much information that it's swirling in my head.  Swirling, swirling.

Miss Julia says "There comes a time when you have to stop reading and Start Doing".
That's for sure.

Now I have to just put some things out there.  Take a step forward into the unknown. I am becoming clearer on what I'm doing... and what I'm loving to do.  My writing is taking shape more and I'm becoming clearer about the art.  

Jules Dolly Healing Art is Running another workshop on Sunday 17th July called Create a Healing Fairy Canvas, which is taking place at the National Wildflower Centre again - Lovely venue.  Check it out.  It would be great to see you there.


  1. I can identify with the swirly stuff and you are so right, a time has to come to stop reading and start doing - I hope you enjoy the course it sounds fab. And, having good images of your work was a central message to come out of the DWYL Art Retreat.
    I like the sound of a Healing Fairy Canvas! :) - looking forward to that. (creating a fairy is on my Mondo Beyondo list!) xxx

    PS: Glad you are back blogging :)

  2. Hey Swirls... the good type of swirls!

    I have to take some leaps and put things into practice. Are you really being serious about a healing fairy canvas on your Mondo Beyondo list??? That's fantastico. Wow. I couldn't have astral projected that one! Would be lovely for you to be there... I'm excited as I'm experimenting with making add in 3D fashion...

    So I'll let you know about the photography workshop... you're pretty good at photography, but moi? I need some assistance! Take care and hope to see you soon xxx

  3. Sounds like my mantra - "Now I have to just put some things out there. Take a step forward into the unknown". - much as its scary for me i am getting there, and you are wonderful in all that you do!! xxx

  4. You're doing really fine... and definitely getting there.... baby steps...that's what I tell myself...Thank you so much! love xx


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