Sunday, 19 June 2011

Healing Lucy

I took this as she slept before the Vet
- wasn't sure if it may be the last
Friday morning about 6.15, the lovely Lucy woke to go out, it all sounded soooo incredibly noisy and I got up to open the door and see what the racket was, only to find her falling all over the place... she couldn't keep upright, she started vomiting and her eyes were just rolling side to side in her eye sockets.  

We thought she was having a stroke.  It was awful.  

She was so disorientated and distressed.  She was being sick and we were trying to steady her from falling.  At one point she sat down and we stroked her.  She seemed to calm, but her eyes were frantically rolling.  

We phoned the vet who advised us what to do and she jumped up on the couch and lay down.  I sat next to her, I thought that this was the end.  That something awful was happening.  It was then that I started to draw out the reiki symbols on her body and I placed a gorgeous rose quartz next to her heart.  If only I had some Vogel Animal Emergency Essence. She relaxed a little, and tried to sleep, eyes still rolling even when her eyes were closed.  

Our Vet reassured us that she had a severe inner ear infection as she was displaying all the signs.  

85% sure of this, he said.  She had 3 injections - steroids, antibiotic anti-nausea - quite a load really.  Poor chicken.  We came back from the vet and she vomited all the way home in the car, which was not helped by Liverpool Speed Bumps!  When she came home, she wanted to go outside and she spent about 15 minutes hidden in the huge raspberry bushes we have in our garden and it seemed she was getting something from the raspberry leaves.  If you think about it, raspberry leaves are used to help relax the cervix for labour, so maybe she intuitively knew it would help to be immersed within the bushes to help relax the convulsions and nausea.  She also started digging holes and being sick in them.  I have never seen her do this before.  Ever. 
The lovely Lucy
She slept pretty much all that day.  Symptoms were still the same, the eye rolling was decreasing but very unsteady and so glad she has 4 legs.  

It's nearly the end of day 3 and I think she's making progress, although she's very out of sorts, not herself and not steady on her feet.  Her head is still tilted on the left side, (the inner ear infection is in her left ear).  She looks so "not Lucy". I hope that she will pick up, I'm sure she will, however I realise that she's entering a new phase of her life which makes me very aware of her mortality -and my own and those around me.  

In the time just before we went to the Vet, in the twilight zone of realising what was going on - we wondered how we could not have lucia in our lives and having lost 2 pets dear to me, I know the feeling.  Yet, Lucy is even more of a family member, she's my surrogate daughter, the one that I don't have.  But that's another story.

For those who don't have or have never had a close relationship with a furry animal, you probably think I'm over-reacting, giving status updates on facebook, phone calls to people and writing a blog about a dog.  Well all I can say is Dog is God spelt backwards and she is that to me.  She's divine to me.  

I first saw Lucy at 5 weeks old, I knew she was my buddy, my child, my friend, and she came to live with me when she was 7 weeks old.  She'll be 13 in July and has been with me through all of my 30s, through some very difficult and challenging times and now I'm nearly 43.  It's a long time.   

Thank you to everyone who has sent her love, she knows you have.  I have told her 

Warmth and love
Jules xxxx

Lucy on Saturday evening 


  1. I love my dog like you love Lucy! Their love is so unconditional...keep us posted!


  2. Sweetie - i had the same with my Lucy - it was last summer and she became so ill from the canal where she would swim down to the basin - she became jaundiced and had signs of hepatitis, but although she has never fully recovered, she is still Lucy - she is 11 now, and remains top dog - like you, i feel she is half human.... she also dug holes in the garden - to try and keep herself cool the vet said - i kept a damp flannel to cool her off and just sat with her for days - she went into the vet hospital at first, and 24 hours with steroids and an iv drip she was almost back to herself .... sending lots of love to you all and especially Lucy xx

  3. Thank You Bonnie... it's hard isn't it? We're so close.
    Paula, thanks so much... I didn't realise your Lucy was so ill... they are little fighters aren't they.. I'm curious to know what alternative things may be available for her as my vet is not interested in anything like that... We'll see - t'is early days xx

  4. Hi Julia

    Second attempt at posting a comment, not sure what happened to my first!

    I can completely understand how you feel about your little Lucy, she is just more than a canine companion :)

    Isn't it interesting how animals want to take themselves outside when they are feeling ill?'s like they are receiving some sort of healing from Mother Nature. My intuition would suggest you bring a little bit of Mother Earth into the house for her if you haven't done so already- maybe a lavender plant?

    Sending you and your little baby lots of love xxx

  5. Hi Debbi,

    I think it's the adapting of a situation and realising that things aren't now the same. That whole thing of non-attachment, but it's hard. At the moment I'm concerned about all the drugs for her and would like to see what alternatives there may be...

    Great idea about bringing the outside in.... I'm going to just that.
    Thanks so much
    Love Julia xxx


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