Monday, 30 July 2012

Respond to Dreamtime - another Jules Dolly Wisdom Card

I am revealing another Wisdom Card.  I am so enjoying doing these; the paintings and the inspiration that comes with creating these pieces of art, but moreso I'm delighting in the wisdom and messages that are coming through.  This has been quite a unique experience for me.  I am finally allowing the messages to come through and honour the healer within me.  

I grew up in quite a traditional/religious environment, which was fine for me, to a point. Growing up, I was always questioning my own spirituality and my connection to the Divine. Asking question after question about why we did this and why we did that.  My appetite for some connection was insatiable.    I never fully engaged with the observance of my religion but I did very much so engage with the spirituality of life and the universe.  

I feel more connected than ever to the Divine. 

* * * * * * * * * * * * *

Respond to Dreamtime

Listen to the whispers in Dreamtime and respond to them.  Become aware of the messages you’re receiving and notice subtle reactions.

Background to the card:

John Lennon is the inspiration for the wisdom of this card.  He appeared to me in a dream about 22 years ago.  I was very ill at the time with M.E/CFS (Myalgic Encephalomyelitis/Chronic Fatigue Syndrome) and dreamtime provided me with very many messages.  I took note of the messages and kept them close to me.  This message remains with me to this very day.

He appeared in the garden at my childhood home, materialising on a magic carpet, transforming before my eyes from baby to man.  I just knew it was him; he had this glow about him and of course, his guitar. The flowers in our garden were abundant and the door he walked through shone with bright yellow light.

There was a gathering in the garden; a party of sorts and John came right up to me and looked me straight in the eye.

“Do you believe there’s a universal force out there?”
“Yes, I do,” I replied.
“Do you believe you will get better?
“Yes, I do,” I nodded once again.

With that he took hold of me and gave me the most incredible hug and squeeze.  I felt elated and knew, right there and then, that I was going to get better and that I would heal myself.  

John came to launch the healing process with a little bit of pizzazz.

The meaning behind the card:

If this card drops into your reading today, let John Lennon be the inspiration for this card.  It reminds you to listen to the whispers in Dreamtime and respond to them.  We all have to take responsibility for our own self and move forward in the very best direction we possibly can.  In a direction that makes us feel ‘whole’, ‘healed’, ‘well’ and ‘healthy.  Whatever it is for you right at this very moment, the card is guiding you to remember that you can read the messages from Dreamtime and notice your subtle reactions to them. 

Have you dreamt of something recently that you’re still holding? If so, can you work out the meaning? Is there a message coming through your unconscious mind, a spiritual guide that you keep pushing away?

For me, this dream had quite an impact.  It was extremely vivid and bright; full of sharp colours and the squeeze that I felt, carried me through my healing process.  I was a Beatle fan but not necessarily a John Lennon fan but this sparked my interest to know much more about the man, his beliefs, his ethics and passions.  If someone has appeared to you in a dream, maybe you are being guided to find out more about them. If it's a symbol, an animal, or maybe a person you don't know, then research the hidden meanings.

How to use this card:

This card asks you to record your dreams but more so, to respond to them.  Look back at your Dreamtime notes and see if there’s wisdom peeping through.  What do you need to know?  Write out anything that is remembered first thing in the morning, upon waking.  Do this for a month and go back, review your words and respond to the messages.  If you need to find out more information, do so.

* * * * *

I'm creating a set of 44 Wisdom Cards and Book - each card will be inspired by someone who has meant something to me, someone who has inspired me or taught me something.  They could be people I know, or people I don't know, living or passed over. They may be people I have seen from afar.  They may also be animals and elements from the planet around me.  They may also be from dreamtime and with symbolism that I can’t recognise.  What I know for sure is, it will all unfold.  If you'd like to read more about this project, click here or if you’d like to see some of my other Wisdom Cards, click here

Much Love
Jules xxx

PS Text may change in final copy.

All photographs and text copyright of Jules Dolly/Julia Dolowicz 2012


  1. Lovely post Julia - the artwork if fab and I love the funky flowers. Wow, what an amazing dream you had all those years ago.x

  2. Thanks so much SwirlyGirl - it was an amazing dream and it really has stayed with me since then x

  3. Henny, thank you so much : ) I love this one too, it's very special to me xxx


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