Thursday, 12 July 2012

Take A Small Step - Another Jules Dolly Wisdom Card Write-up

While I'm creating my Wisdom Cards, I have my note book next to me where I write down the wisdom that is appearing from the painting.  I am now writing up my 'words' and wanted to share my second card with you.

Take A Small Step
We share our planet with all sentient beings.  We are all responsible for each other, whether we walk on two legs, four legs, fly or swim.

Background to the card:

This card symbolises the love and compassion of Linda and Paul McCartney.  Together they dedicated their life standing up for the life of sentient beings.

It was 25+ years ago when I saw a documentary featuring Linda and Paul. In the film, Paul explained how it had suddenly dawned on him that he was eating the very same animal that he cherished outside his window.  At this point he stopped eating meat, fish, birds and joined Linda in her quest to change the eating habits of our culture.

Their commitment was, to not only one another, but also the animals around them.  This was inspiring for me.  I didn’t know why exactly at the time, I just knew ‘something.’   Growing up in a 'meat household', it was a transition for me. 

* * * A    t r a n s i t i o n * * *

It was not an overnight change, but a progression. 

Aged 16, Lamb was first to go and gradually over time, I stopped eating anything with eyes.    Linda and Paul's journey was one that I admired.   This was not about The Beatles but about The Couple.  It was their kindness, determination and action that rubbed off on me.  I'm thankful and grateful to them for this insight.

The meaning behind the card:

If this card has appeared to you today in a reading, you will know what it’s saying. It will resonate. Perhaps you've been considering stopping eating one type of meat, birds, or perhaps fish. Do you think that your life would be healthier if you made just one change?   It only needs to start with one choice and Linda and Paul are testimony to that.  She built her vegetarian business by suggesting that people just swap one meat meal for a vegetarian option. 

If this card jumped out at you, perhaps you want to cultivate a new way of eating, or it may be nudging you to take a stand for animal welfare and ask the right questions and refuse certain farming methods.  We always know that it always starts with the smallest step.  

This could be, the very first step.

Linda never forced her way of eating on Paul, but her way of life had a ripple effect.  Be courageous and take a step, even if it causes ripples.  Take note that their example will support you. 

Linda's legacy lives on and I was inspired to create this card to honour her. 

How to use this card:

Sit quietly and close your eyes.  Notice any thoughts flying around your head, acknowledge them and continue to quieten your mind.  You may want to find out more about eating less meat/birds/fish; seek out a cookbook that can support you; develop a healthy meal for your family with new ingredients or sample something different that contains no animal products. You may need to speak to someone already eating this way, or visit and support your local vegetarian café.

This card asks you to look closer and think deeper and take a small step.

* * * * *

I'm creating a set of 44 Wisdom Cards and Book -  each card will be inspired by someone who has meant something to me, someone who has inspired me or taught me something.  They could be people I know, or people I don't know, living or passed over. They may be people I have seen from afar.  They may also be animals and elements from the planet around me.  They may also be from dreamtime and with symbolism that I can’t recognise.  What I know for sure is, it will all unfold.  If you'd like to read more about this project, click here

Much Love
Jules xxx

PS Text may change in final copy.

All photographs and text copyright of Julia Dolowicz


  1. Beautiful card Jules Dolly, love the colours in. Loved the words "take note that their example will support you." Looking forward to seeing more of your wisdom cards x

  2. I'm so pleased that those words stood out for you SwirlyGirl; writing from the heart and messages that are coming through are truly real. Very cathartic actually. Hope all's ok with you love xx


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