Monday, 9 July 2012

Revealing My First Wisdom Card Message - "By Your Side, Always"

By Your Side, Always

Close friendships are always there in the background.  Cherish friends and reconnect with the one who comes to mind.

Background to the card:

This card and image was inspired by a long time friend of mine.  We lived near each other and from a young age, we would spend hours riding our bikes, building tents in the garden and singing with gusto.  As we got older, we formed a duo and performed at concerts around our community.  Me on guitar and her on banjo.

When she moved to another country, she wrote me a wonderful letter which I still hold close to me nearly 20 years later.  In this letter she told me how she truly felt about our friendship. Writing from the heart, she wrote "I am incredibly lucky to have you as a friend.  You always look forwards and never backwards and tackle new things and I know you can do whatever you set your mind to in your life. It just takes time, so, practice.  You've got what it takes, so never doubt your own abilities."

The meaning of this card:

If you have picked this card today, here is a reminder to connect with friends who are perhaps not in your daily life right now.  It's time to show them how you feel about your relationship.  This card can also mean that today you need to be your very own 'Best Friend' as you have been neglecting yourself for a while.

If you have found that you have lost touch with close friends, perhaps one in particular, then you have chosen this card as a nudge to write them a letter, send them a card through the post and give them the joy of receiving your cherished words.

If you're feeling let down by friendships then this card reminds you to write your own letter to yourself and post it.  It also acts as a prompt to perhaps nurture some new friendships.

The wisdom is that there is someone By Your side, Always.  Find out more about who that may be.

The letter I have from my childhood friend is photocopied and incorporated into this painting.  The very essence of this message and the energy of the closeness we shared can hopefully be felt, by you, in this wisdom card.

How to use the card:

You can use the card in relaxation, by focusing on the image.  Hold it close in meditation.  Lay it out on your bedside table, desk, or mantelpiece as a reminder and write about how you felt in receiving this card in a reading.  Write about what resonated with you in your Journal.

Know that the words of my friend and the wisdom of this message are now connecting to you too.

* * *

If you'd like to read more about my 44 Wisdom Card Project, then click here

Much Love and Thanks for Reading!
Jules xx

Extra Note: the text may change in the final edit of my wisdom cards.


  1. Loving this card Jules. What a warm and enriching start to the deck. Love the art and love the words. The positivity just shines out.
    :-) xxx

  2. Releasing art/words 'out there' is always a challenge. I find that the ones that mean the most and are the closest to my heart take much more to 'ship' them (as Steve Jobs used to say). So thank you for this lovely feedback for my first card, it really means a heck of alot. Thanks Henny, heaps xxx


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